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+86-531-83801320  E-Mail: zqryjx@126.com sdryfl@ryflange.com
+86-531-83801320  E-Mail: zqryjx@126.com sdryfl@ryflange.com
+86-531-83801320  E-Mail: zqryjx@126.com sdryfl@ryflange.com
+86-531-83801320  E-Mail: zqryjx@126.com sdryfl@ryflange.com

Company Profile

  Founded in 2004, Shandong Ruiye Flange Co., Ltd.  is located in the newly planned Jidong Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park in Zhangqiu district with an area of 20000 ㎡. Its registered capital is 50 Million Yuan and the paid-in capital is 50 Million Yuan. There are 218 employees, including 12 senior technical professionals and more than 20  automatic control professionals and other related staffs in the Company at present.
  The Company's leading products are carbon steel flanges and Magnesium-Aluminum alloy flanges, which are used to connect the pipes. The Company has long been committed to personnel training, research, development and utilization of new technology. It has rich experience and complete technical data and first-class professional technical staffs.It also has perfect testing equipment, professional quality inspection team, advanced production technology and process, which has reached the leading level in the same industry. We are perfect to provide customers with high quality and low price products strictly in accordance with TUV,  BV and LR product certification standards . Additionally , We are member enterprise of China Forging Association and China Electrical Appliances Association and one of  the top ten tax payers enterprises in Guanzhuang Street Office for 10 years continuously.
  The Company mainly produces carbon steel flanges till 2015 and almost of  them are exported. Since the progress of science and technology, Mg - Al alloy material has become a new type of material that is the focus of development in China's casting and forging industry. The Company and Hunan University have jointly developed the key technology of 5083 magnesium-aluminum alloy industrialization since April 2014 and started to produce magnesium-aluminum alloy rings and flanges. The main products are used in electric high-voltage switches. Ruiye is the only one supplier who can produce this product for high-voltage switches in Shandong Province and our technology is always at the leading level in China.
  Al - Mg alloy material is characterized by light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance, fast heat dissipation, energy conservation and environmental protection, and can be recycled.  Its performance is superior to that of traditional ordinary steel, and it belongs to a new energy-saving material. It has been widely used in aerospace, military industry, high-speed railway, ship, and electric power, automobile and other industries. 
  We have kept pace with the times , made great efforts to innovate, changed the way of expanding domestic demand and expanded the development of domestic flange products and markets on the basis of ensuring the export of existing products, and passed the pressure vessel component production license of " special equipment manufacturing license ( pressure pipeline ) of the people's Republic of China" as early as February 2009. We have developed flanges of various standards, models and specifications, such as national standards, machinery department standards, chemical industry standards and ship standards, in strict accordance with the special requirements of industry standards, to continuously meet the needs of customers and continuously develop new products and technologies, such as magnesium and aluminum alloys, for the vast number of domestic customers.    
  We passed the certification of the quality system of the national army's target in January 2016, passed the product certification of 3531 plant of the 10th Academy of Aerospace Science and Technology, Air Force Operations Bureau, 2835 military generation room of the 2nd Academy of Aerospace, and 25 institutes of the 2nd Academy of Aerospace Science and Technology on December 9, 2017, and obtained the recommendation form of the equipment manufacturing unit's confidentiality qualification certification of the Military Representative Bureau of the Chinese People's Liberation Army. We will provide military products for 3531 plant of the 10th Academy of Aerospace Science and Industry, respond to the national call to become a real integration of defense and civilian technologies enterprise and contribute our own strength to national defense construction.
  In the same time, the company keeps developing the international market. Our flanges are exported to more than 24 countries and regions such as Japan, South Africa, Russia, South Korea, Germany, Southeast Asia countries, Middle East countries and etc. We can easily deal with various problems mentioned by customers, accurately grasp their needs, communicate well with customers and gradually gain their trust through mutual cooperation with users, improvement of quality, information exchange and accumulation of market experience. Customers are very satisfied with our products which have great market potential meanwhile.